ANIMATION - as you like it

Ist er Echt oder aus Plastik ?Auf jeden Fall ist er hype. Er agiert Stand by als "Living Doll", im Economy Mode als "Walk Act" und auf Powerlevel als "Highspeed Crazyman" mit "Multimediafeature". Max B. bringt das Comedyupdate der nächsten Generation. Wir gestalten Max B. auch in Ihren Fimenfarben und entwickeln Gesamtkonzepte für Ihre Promotion.

Mr. Comedy himself delivers the necessary spice for your party.

He amazes with slapstick right out of his suitcase, human and juggling tricks, magic and pantomime. His arrival stops everything at a heartbeat.


The comedy waiter serves you nothing but fun. One gag chases the other on a frantic hunt until you and your guests have had all the service he is able to provide.

Then he clears the table with charme, elegance and just a hint of frenzy.


Monsieur Bonjour

The sophisticated Monsieur Bonjour welcomes you with style. Who else but him is able to produce an individual red carpet for every guest?

His hilarious and individual welcome gets everybody instantly into a good mood and your party will be a success right from the start.



The clown is a clown is a clown. He touches with his play, he brings laughter right into the heart of your guests and shows human frailties with the most human touch. His play puts a loving mirror right in front of you.



Harry is the typical American tourist, always on the hunt for burgers and Coke. For him all Germans are most beautiful and interesting – that`s the reason why he loves to take an instant snapshot from every guest arriving at your party.